Concrete Driveway Trip Hazard

Here are before and after shots of a concrete driveway trip hazard.  This was one of our last lifting jobs of 2017, here in Omaha, NE. It might not look like much, but the slab had sunk about 1.5″ and was a major trip hazard.  Anyone walking up the driveway was in danger of tripping and injuring themselves if they weren’t watching their step. Using our polyurethane foam concrete mud jacking process, we were able to lift the slab and eliminate the hazard.  This particular slab had likely settled due to water run off.  Water was running down the yard and due to a small change in the pitch of the yard, water would enter beneath the slab.  Once water had entered, it would wash away dirt, allowing the slab to settle.  Another problem we see with many homes is downspout placement.  If your home has downspouts that are not allowing the water to run away from the home or concrete, you’ll likely have a problem.  If you have sinking or sunken concrete, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 402-619-6116 or via our website here.