Concrete driveway lifted over two inches in Omaha.

Here’s another Omaha, NE concrete driveway lifted after settling, that we worked on for a client. We lifted portions of the driveway over 2″ and provided a consistent pad level across the front of all three garage spaces. Our polyurethane foam mudjacking process not only saved the day, but saved our client several thousand dollars versus replacement. As well as lifting the concrete, our client asked us to install caulking in a number of cracks and joints on the driveway. Analyzing the cause of the problem is a priority for us as well.  Water infiltration was the problem in this case, as it is in many.  In most cases, the gutter downspout is the culprit.  However, in this case we believe the problem was caused mainly by water infiltration in the expansion joint. When we completed the concrete lifting, we caulked the joint separating the driveway and garage. If you need help with your concrete, call us at 402-619-6116 or contact us via our website. We look forward to serving you!