Omaha, NE Concrete Repair

This Omaha, NE concrete repair project required us to really think about how we could perform a worthwhile repair.  Patch material had been used in the past the “repair” the garage edge that abuts the driveway.  Because of the patch material, we first had to saw cut the concrete to clean it up.  As soon as the concrete garage floor was cleaned up, we proceeded to lift the driveway up.  Our poly foam mudjacking method is what we use for lifting settled concrete.  This concrete driveway, because of the amount of cracking that had occurred, required special attention.  We had to be very careful when trying to lift and repair the concrete.  We had to assure that each piece of cracked concrete was raised to the same level as the others.  The concrete driveway was lifted before we could begin concrete crack repair on the driveway.  We grind out all cracks before installing caulk to assure a clean concrete surface to bond with.  Once we installed the caulk, the driveway concrete repair was complete.

Saving thousands of dollars over the cost of replacing her driveway was a priority for our client.  Our client was quite excited with the results.  If saving between 50% and 75% over the cost of driveway replacement is what you’re looking for, please contact us.  Call us at 402-619-6116 or contact us via our website.