Significant concrete sidewalk settling

Here’s another concrete sidewalk in Omaha, NE that we were able to lift using our polyurethane foam mudjacking process. Two slabs down was another slab with the same problem. This concrete sidewalk settling was fairly extreme, the slab was sunk over 3″ before we started.  Sidewalks like this seem more like steps than sidewalks and are trip/fall lawsuits waiting to happen!  Water is typically the cause of concrete settling as seen here.  When running down the yard, water has no where to go but underneath the sidewalk.  When allowed beneath a sidewalk slab, water washes away dirt, allowing the sidewalk to settle.  ConcreteMedic is able to simply lift the concrete in many cases, preventing you from costly replacement.

If saving thousands of dollars over the cost of replacing concrete is something that interests you, we’re here to help you.  If we can help your concrete, call us at 402-619-6116 or contact us via our website.