Sinking Concrete Patio

Water was sloping toward the home because of this sinking concrete patio in Omaha, NE.  Concrete sloping in this fashion can also cause foundation issues when water would make its way down the block wall.  “Slip and fall” accidents often result from situations where the water and/or snow accumulate at a wall and then freezes.  Poor soil compaction when installed likely caused this slab to sink.  Oftentimes, problems like this are caused by water running from downspouts, but not in this case.  Soil, when incorrectly installed and not tamped down sufficiently, can cause settling to occur.  Our polyurethane foam mudjacking method was used to cure the problem here.  Water was allowed to drain away from the wall when done. If you or someone you know have water problems caused by improperly sloping concrete, don’t hesitate to contact us at 402-619-6116 or via our website, we’d love to serve you!