Sinking Driveway in Papillion, NE

As winter sets in, we’ve been out working hard to get as much concrete raised and caulked as possible.  We remembered to snap a few shots of this driveway lift/caulk project on a sinking driveway in Papillion, NE a few days ago. ConcreteMedic has the solution to these very common types of concrete driveway settling problems.  Settling, in this case, is caused by water flowing down the expansion joint, washing away dirt and leading to settling concrete.  A downspout pouring water onto the driveway was also a culprit.  Using our polyurethane foam mudjacking technology, we lifted the slabs back into correct position.  By caulking the joint when we completed the lifting, we prevent further water intrustion, which is a real priority.  Saving themselves thousand over the cost of replacement was quite satisfying for the homeowner.

Savings of up to 75% are not at all uncommon when you choose to lift concrete, rather than replace it.  Wouldn’t you like to save some money on home repairs as well?  We’d love to serve you, if we can be of help, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website!